Karadin Selchai

A charming but ruthless operative for House Cygneris


Young, effortlessly fashionable and roguishly handsome, Karadin could just as easily pass as an up-and-coming noble as a two-bit street hustler. Which is exactly the idea. His mannerisms and demeanour flow like water from one situation to the next, and his speech can seamlessly switch between languages and accents.

His boyish face conceals a cold and calculating mind, only visible in his frosty eyes which rarely betray his true thoughts. His movements are agile and precise, yet lazy and careless to the casual observer.

When he talks, his sparkling blue-grey eyes fix on you arresting your attention and his voice draws you in. And while the situations he finds himself in are many and varied, he will never leave you with any doubt that he is in control… unless he wants you to think otherwise…


Little is know about the House Cygneris operative, save that he was once a thief who was captured by house spy-mistress Merita Elim. Karadin had been caught deep in the Cygneris palace disguised as a guard, when the bothan secret-keeper noticed him and decided to follow and observe. She was so impressed with his burglary attempt that when she ordered his capture and detainment, she offered him a choice: Be turned over to the authorities, or come work for House Cygneris.

He chose the latter and was trained in the arts of tradecraft by spy-mistress Elim, completing his training quickly and proving himself very capable during the House’s struggle to maintain its political independence during the rise of the Empire.

Despite his youthful appearance, it is unclear exactly how old Karadin is, where he originally came from or what his true reasons were for joining House Cygneris. All that Princess Lenore knows is that Elim trusts him and considers him utterly loyal to House Cygneris. However, as Lenore has discovered in the past, that does not necessarily mean loyal to the Princess or even the Queen…

Karadin Selchai

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