Princess Lenore vy Cygneris

A graceful and beautiful young lady with a noble bearing.


A paragon of feminine grace, Princess Lenore shines with natural youth and beauty. She is always seen in fine, elegant clothing; gowns and smart business fashions.

Her flowing dark hair is always silky and gleams like the sea in moonlight. Her face is fair and unblemished, the very image of a sheltered and pampered princess, yet her hazel eyes seem to coruscate and spark with intelligence and alertness. Her steady hands are graceful and sure, and are usually carrying a datapad or a glass of exotic spiced tea.

Although not physically imposing, the princess Lenore is lithe and toned and, inexplicably, always seems to be in the right pose for a holo-photo.


Born to the proud Cygneris family of Ord Vismar, Lenore is the younger of two children born to Queen Razia and King Arvin Cygneris. Her early childhood was divided between learning the arts of diplomacy, leadership and statecraft from her mother, and going on archeological field trips with her Sister and Father.

At age 11, Lenore lost her Father on an expedition to Storm Point Delta, one of Ord Vismar’s five permanent cyclone systems. Despite multiple search attempts only the wreckage of his airspeeder was found. Years later, Lenore’s sister also went missing in the same region while searching for their missing Father, despite being expressly forbidden to do so by their Mother.

As Lenore blossomed into womanhood, her natural charisma allowed her to act as an able assistant to her Mother, ensuring that their noble house remained relevant to the planetary balance of power. Lenore’s social skills and ability to influence people has garnered her an impressive network of contacts and a great deal of respect for someone so young.

Still, Lenore yearns for more. Her need to explore and travel is mingled with dreams of one day seeking out and finding her lost Father and Sister, somewhere in Storm Point Delta. Only her promises to her Mother have held her back.

Princess Lenore vy Cygneris

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