Captain Connor Perilon

Rugged veteran soldier


Rarely seen out of his royal guard uniform, tasteful business attire or high-tech armour, Connor is the kind of square-jawed hero one might see on a recruitment poster for the Royal Security Forces of Heritance. His earthen-brown hair is military-regulation crew-cut, and he has a reassuring smile which can put a diplomat at ease as quickly as it can restore a trooper’s morale. However, when one looks closer, his scars speak of a endless battles and his eyes betray an uneasy soul, one darkened by the horrors of war.


Once a fresh-faced planetary defence recruit during the waning years of the Clone Wars, Perilon quickly distinguished himself as an exceptional soldier and a solid leader, quickly rising through the ranks to sergeant. Ord Vismar’s resistance against the Separatist forces was costly, however, and the planet took heavy losses as the Trade Federation tried to maintain the system as a choke point to strangle Republic trade.

After the war ended, Perilon was offered a position among the newly-established Imperial forces but he turned it down, mostly on the advice of his old mentor General Amesek who now oversees Vismar’s imperial base. Seeing the value in preserving local tradition, Connor swore an oath to House Cygneris and now serves as a Captain among the House’s honour-guard.

Having fought alongside the House’s troops during the war, Perilon was well trusted. However, the Royal Marshal of Cygneris, Nale Yunua does not always see eye-to-eye with him. After a personal dispute, Perilon was removed from active field duty and assigned to Princess Lenore’s protective detail. Although Connor saw this as a grave insult against his honour, he slowly grew fond of the Princess and indeed began to admire her. Though he will not admit it, his affections for the Princess have begun to affect his judgement, and he struggles to reconcile his duty with his personal feelings.

Captain Connor Perilon

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