Ord Vismar

Ord Vismar


  • Region: Inner Rim
  • Sector: Krizea
  • System: Vismar
  • Suns: 3
  • Moons: 2
  • Orbital Period: 341 std. days

Physical Information

  • Class: Terrestrial
  • Diameter: 11,371 km
  • Atmosphere: Breatheable
  • Climate: Tropical to Arctic
  • Primary Terrain: Island chain
  • Surface Water: 99%

Points of Interest

  • Valence (Capital City)
  • Fire-Eye
  • The Storm Points
  • Nyrakis Reclamation Project
  • Legacy Spire
  • Tassera Paradise
  • The Citadel of Dusk
  • Kolina City

Ord Vismar is an ocean planet in the Vismar system, located some 300 parsecs rimward of Bestine on the Corellian Trade Spine.  The planet is known for its warm blue oceans, extensive sea-farming and mysteriously stationary cyclonic weather patterns. Recent fighting in the Clone Wars saw it fall on hard times, compounded by the fact that the Empire has created a new hyperlane between Bestine and Yag'Dhul, which allows bypassing the planet altogether. However, Ord Vismar still attracts many tourists to its shining beaches, and has become a favourite holiday home location for many rich business people and important Imperial officials.


The Vismar system was first colonized by the Altherians some time prior to the Expansionist Era. Although there is some disagreement over the nature of the Altherian colonies, there is evidence to suggest that their civilization was extensive. Nevertheless, aside from a few small outposts, the only remaining evidence of the Altherians is the massive towers known as Storm Points.

Coruscanti Colonization

During the Late Expansionist Era, colonists from Coruscant founded an ordnance depot on-world, and so the planet of Vismar became Ord Vismar as per the ancient naming convention. The planet prospered over the next few thousand years, becoming a major force of trade in the region.

Hutt Dominion

Then toward the end of the Indecta Era the planet was invaded and conquered by the Hutts, who enslaved much of the populace and began a decades-long systematic exploitation of the planet's natural resources. This exploitation led to two major environmental catastrophes: The first one rendered the southern island of Nyrakis all but barren due to introduction of a species of the destructive spice-bearing plant Sunthorn. The second was a proliferation of heavy industry on the northwest island that left it uninhabitable and permanently smog-bound.

Tragonus Unification

The reign of the Hutts came to an end during the Fifth Pius Dea Crusade when Ord Vismar was liberated by Rayne Tragonus, founder of House Tragonus. A period of strife followed as Rayne Tragonus attempted to reunite a war-torn and divided world, while fending off further outside threats. Finally, he managed to pacify all rival factions and he was declared King of Ord Vismar.

Succession Wars

Mandalorian Invasion

Warring Tribes Period

The Sith and the Era of Shadows

The Reverra Intercession

Galacting Republic Governance

The Uruan-Altheri Rebellion

Return of Cygneris

The Valence Accord

The Clone Wars

Life Under the Galactic Empire









Ord Vismar

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